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About Us

  • BazaarGhar (also referred to as BG) is Pakistan’s first social platform with ecommerce attributes giving single-source access to the sellers to reach their customers through Website, mobile application, facebook. BG platform will allow a video feature including playback to your ads and live shows.
  • BG App will be used for promoting products using marketing videos pushed through sellers (also referred to as business partners or BP) business accounts.
  • The BG App is aiming to give Local and International Market access to the home industry in Pakistan through the creation of a localized ecosystem.
  • BG is targeted to be a market place with comparatively less but verifiable and trusted BPs to enhance trust and product delivery standards.
  • Well-Known and seasoned vendors can also take leverage of their business history by using the same business account name of their business.
  • The BPs with an outstanding track record will be marketed internationally in their next release for their local products through BG international tie ups and affiliation arrangements.
  • The platform (s) provided by BG to the BPs is to facilitate and assist the BPs to sell and market their product to the end customer. BG role is nothing more than an agent, facilitating the whole customer journey shall not carry an inventory risk.