Seller FAQs


How to upload a new product?

What is BazaarGhar and what is special about it?BazaarGhar (also referred to as BG) is Pakistan’s first social platform with e-commerce attributes giving single-source access to the sellers to reach their customers through Website, mobile application, facebook. BG platform will allow a video feature including playback to your ads and live shows.
How BazaarGhar is Different from other Marketplaces?
  • BazaarGhar is Pakistan’s First Social Commerce Platform.
  • Ability to Do Live Shows With Product Showcase On Screen.
  • Separate videos section.
  • Ability to go live simultaneously on Responsive Web, Seller App, Facebook, YouTube.
  • Additional VOD Facility to Add Creativity in your Selling Pitch.
  • Ability to interact With Customers In Local And Common Languages.
How to get registered as a seller on BazaarGhar?Contact on our helpline number (0301-1171430) to get registered on BazaarGhar.
From where, I can download BazaarGhar Seller App?You can download BazaarGhar’s seller app from Google Playstore
How much time system will take to review & approve my seller account?Within 24 hours.
What is the payment procedure of BazaarGhar?Bazaar Ghar is offering a 15 days payment cycle. All the delivered orders from 1-15 of every month will be paid via bank account / Easypaisa or JazzCash by 25th-30th of that month. Orders delivered between 16-30 will be paid by 10th-15th of next month.
What are BazaarGhar’s general commission rates?Commission: Standard charge out rate (commission + VAT + payment fees) = 8% except for the following:
Category A: (Standard charge out rate 1%) and includes: Mobiles, Tablets.
Category B: (Standard charge out rate 2%) and includes: Air conditioning, generators, refrigeration, TV, washing machine, microwave, play station, gaming console, camera, watches.
Category C: (Standard charge out rate 4%) and includes: Stationary, books, printers, ink cartridges.
Is there any other incentive to Sellers?Yes, the shop maintaining preferred SLA and have sizeable visitors on their shops will be given a subsidiary on commission.
What are the criteria to open shop in Mall Section?The Criteria is simple which is as follows:
Physical Presence in Well-Known Malls.
Should have social media presence.
Should have a website.
From Admin Portal:Open
Login with your login details.
Click on “Add New” in Products page.
Fill the form with Title, SKU, Weight, Description, Price, Quantity, Category, Product Variant (if any) and upload images of product.
Click on “Submit” button.
From Seller App:Open Seller App.
Tap on Login Button.
Enter your login details and tap on Login Button.
Go to “product” page and tap on “Add New Product”.
Add details of your product and upload main and gallery images.
Tap on “Save”.
What are the standard guidelines for uploading product images?The standard guidelines for uploading product images are as follows:
Image resolution should be min 600x600 & max 1200x1200px (square image)
White background.
Product should be properly visible.
Image file size should be in Kb (less than 1MB)
Note: It is prohibited to watermark your phone number, email address or any link etc. on pictures.
Tip: You can use online tool to resize images in one click
How to upload a product video on BazaarGhar?You can upload a video from Admin Panel
Click on “Video Upload” page.
Enter Title of Video.
Click on “Choose File” button and select video to upload video.
Upload “Video Thumbnail”.
Select Product from the list.
Click on “Upload”.
What are suitable duration, size & resolution of Product Video?Duration: up to 1 hour.
Size: Unlimited depending upon the resolution of the video.
Resolution: Min 480p & Max 720p.
How to start a live show from Seller App?Tap on live button on top-right.
Enter live show title.
Select thumbnail.
Select products which you are going to show in live show.
Tap on ‘Next’.
Tap on ‘Start’.
Can I go live on BazaarGhar’s official Facebook group?Your live show on our platform will be shared automatically on our Facebook Group.
Can I share my live show on my Facebook page?Yes, you can share your live show on your Facebook page by clicking on “Share” button.
How to edit product’s quantity, price etc.?From Admin Panel:
On Products page, click on edit icon () to edit product.
From Seller App:
Go to Products Page.
Click on product which you want to edit.
After editing, press “Update” button.
How to put sale on products?You can put sale on products by using “Sale Price” input field.
How to delete a product on BazaarGhar?From Admin Panel:
On products listing page, click on delete icon () to delete a product.
From Seller App:
Go to product page.
Click on product which you want to delete.
Click on “Delete” button.
What is Active and Inactive?Active status is used to publish the product on website / app. Whereas Inactive status is used when the particular product is not available for a time period but will be available in future. Inactive status is like a draft.
Are variants necessary to add?Variants are necessary to add when you have different size or colors of same product.
What to add in Product description?Product description should properly describe the features of product.
What is SKU?SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is a product code that you can use to search and identify stock on hand from lists, invoices, or order forms. It is a term that is typically used when talking about inventory management.
Where to contact BazaarGhar Vendors Helpdesk?Contact us on 0301-1171430 or Email us at
How to print an order sticker?Go to Orders Management Orders.
Click on Eye button () to look order details.
Select Shipment Type to Blue x.
Select all products.
Click on “Print” button.
How to order packaging material?Bazaar Ghar has arranged packaging material for your requirement.
To buy packaging metarial Click Here.
Bazaar Ghar is offering few free Packaging materials on activation of the shop.
Does BazaarGhar take commission percentage on ordering packaging material?No, BazaarGhar is not taking any hidden charges or commission on ordering packaging material. BG is offering packaging material on subsidiary rates.
How much packaging material should I keep in stock?You need to keep at least 15 days packaging material considering your order volume. And in sale days, at least 1 month (30 days) packaging material should be in stock.
Can I adjust my packaging material cost in my payment cycle?No, for the time being the packaging material needs to be purchased.
I’ve heard of Seller Rating. What is this about? How Can I maintain my rating?Seller rating is your operational and sales performance. BAZAAR GHAR team is observing your sale growth, your customer commitment, fulfillment timeline and quality Returns Rate. You can earn scores on the basis of your good rating, which means, you may get additional marketing support from BG team.
Your rating depends on your order fulfillment time, quality returns, visitors on stores, seller- customer commitment and participation in Live Shows etc.
What will happen if I don’t respond to the customer’s query against any product?Responding to customers’ queries is important. If you don’t response him/her within 24 hours, your product will be stocked out of the seller center, assuming that the product is not available to you.
How should I check my orders?From Admin Panel:
Login with your login details.
You can check your order details in “Order Management”.
Click on “Orders”.
From Seller App:
Open Seller App.
Tap on Login Button.
Enter your login details and tap on Login Button.
Go to “Orders” page.
How to change cover of my store?You can change your store cover photo by:
Login to your account on
Clicking on “Settings”.
Then click on “Store”.
Upload your store image ( ideal size: 1200px (width) x 400px (height) )
Click on “Submit”.
What is the suitable size of store cover photo?Suitable size of cover photo is 1200px (width) x 400px (height).
How to change password?From Admin Portal:
Login with your login details.
Click on Name at top right side of page.
Click on “Edit Profile”
Enter New Password.
Re-enter your new password in “Confirm Password” field.
Click on Submit.
From Seller App:
Open Seller App.
Tap on Login Button.
Enter your login details and tap on Login Button.
Go to “Profile” page and then Account Settings > User Details.
Enter your new password in password field and Re-enter your new password in Confirm Password field.
Tap on “Update” button. Video:
How to change email address and mobile phone in BazaarGhar?From Admin Portal:
Login with your login details.
Click on Name at top right side of page.
Click on “Edit Profile”.
Here, you can update your email and phone number.
From Seller App:
Open Seller App.
Tap on Login Button.
Enter your login details and tap on Login Button.
Go to “Profile” page and then Account Settings > User Details.
Here you can update your email and phone number.
After updating email or phone number, tap on “Update” button.
Where to add bank details or CNIC details?From Admin Portal:
Login with your login details.
Click on “Settings” and then click on “Accounts Info”.
Add CNIC and Bank Account Details.
Click on “Submit” button.
From Seller App:
Open Seller App.
Tap on Login Button.
Enter your login details and tap on Login Button.
Go to “Profile” page and then Account Settings > Bank Details.
Here you can add Bank Account details or CNIC number.
Tap on “Upload” button.
How I will get my payments?BG shall receive and process all payments for Products purchased on the Platform on behalf of the Sellers.
BG shall make payment of the amount of the Product(s) received from a Customer, less:
    Its commission for the platform
    Any service Fees, Penalties, or any other amounts due
    Any mandatory or obligatory deduction if there is any, as announced or obligated by the Govt. or related bodies and authorities, from time to time.
The payments will be made in the designated bank account by the Sellers on a bi-weekly basis from the expiry of the customer return period (i.e. 7 days) The platform shall ensure a complete statement and reconciliation of deduction made and adjusted from the Sellers account.
All payments will be made in Pakistani Rupees.
In case the Sellers wishes to change the information for the Bank Account, it may do so by updating its Bank Account information in the BP profile section.
The Sellers agrees that BG shall not be liable for any failure to make payments in time arising due to incomplete or inaccurate bank’s information provided or under any circumstance beyond BG’s control like a strike or public holidays
Sellers shall be reimbursed for any orders lost in transit within a max period of 30 days from the day of shipment
The Sellers shall be responsible for payment of all customs duties, sales tax, excise tax, value-added tax, and any other duties, excess, fees or charges of whatsoever which may be imposed by the governing authorities of any jurisdiction applicable in connection with sale or supply of its Products on the Platform and their purchase by Customers.
Sellers shall be solely responsible for the payment of any sales tax on the supply of these products to the Customer through the Platform.
How I will get my lost parcel?All items lost in transit will be covered under insurance and will be paid within a maximum time line of 30 days from the shipment date
How to get in featured section?BazaarGhar featured their actively working vendors in featured section and promote them on social media marketing campaigns. BazaarGhar encourages its vendors to do live shows and to work actively on platform.status is used to publish the product on website / app. Whereas Inactive status is used when the particular product is not available for a time period but will be available in future. Inactive status is like a draft.
Do I have to pay extra for a promotion for my brand?No, BazaarGhar don’t charge extra from vendors for promotion. BazaarGhar promote those vendors/sellers who work actively on platform and do at least 15 live shows in a month.
What are my responsibilities as a seller?Sellers are solely responsible for:
Quality Assurance of the Product.
Showcase, market, warrant, proper and correct product description.
Proper packaging of the shipment
Checking the product before shipment.
Follow the handling period guidelines
Maintain up to date stock levels
Compliance with the T&C of the Platform.
Replying and responding to Questions, comments, queries within the defined time frame.
Uploading right and proper Picture of products
The Sellers shall ensure that all of their offered Products, whether manufactured, imported or otherwise produced or provided by the Sellers or others will have all relevant regulatory permits and licenses, and conform to all applicable laws, ordinances, codes, and regulations
Sellers should be held responsible for all actions made on the platform using BP’s credentials including but not limited to fraud or acts of similar nature.
Sellers shall not put a price higher than the prices they have mentioned on their online platform or any other sales portal or market place
How to claim a registered brand name?Please contact us on 0301-1171430 or email us at or vendors@bazaarghar.comWhat are the criteria of order processing?
How to change my brand name?Sellers are not allowed to change their brand name.
BPs cannot change its business account name once selected unless:
Requested and processed through Sellers help-desk with a genuine reason.
Note: If you want to change your brand name, request via phone number (0301-1171430) or email us at
How to be a part of BazaarGhar’s Family Support Program (FSP)?Family support program:
Eligibility criteria:
Females above 15 years of age
The live shows, if any, are to be carried by Females staff.
Hunarmand Jawan program:
Eligibility criteria:
Pakistani national above 14 years
Person with special need
What is the return & refund policy?Returns & Refunds:
Customer has maximum 7 Days after the delivery to claim the return and refund through Customer Support / Application / Portal.
The customer service department will be the screening point for all complaints launched in by the customer.
The customer services department will not question the customer, in case of wrong product, provided that the claim has been lodged within the stipulated time and is not used by the customer.
In case, of any dispute, the decision of the customer support team will be considered as final.
Under No Return product policy:
Customer can return/refund the product if the product received damaged or broken.
If the product is Wrong Delivered, then the customer can claim a return/refund.
Seller has to mention in description if the product is not returnable & not refundable, although if the product received by the customer is damaged or broken, he/she can file a dispute within 3 days of receiving that package.
Please note: the terms and condition mentioned in this or any other document are subject to changes, amendments as made from time to time and will be communicated to the BPs through internal messaging and update on seller’s center.