BazaarGhar x Creditper

Bazaarghar joins hands with creditper to bring mobile phones and laptop computers for everyone, on easy installment plan. When we say for everyone, we cannot stress enough and say for everyone including those who do not have any sort of account, any kind of plastic money, or similar privileges. This is for anyone who wants to buy the desired cell phone, or laptop through only a tap on their smartphone using our application and pay from any shop. The whole idea is to empower customers so they can pick and choose an easy installment plan, tailored precisely to meet their needs.
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Bazaarghar is introducing first of its kind installment plan in Pakistan

Powered by Creditper:

  • Lowest Down Payment and Installments
  • Sharia Compliant Structure
  • Insurance coverage in case of theft
  • Express approval service (within 36 hours)
  • Home Delivery (within 48 hours)
  • Apply from the comfort of your home

General Terms And Conditions:

  • For Islamabad | Rawalpindi | Karachi Only.
  • Coming Soon In Lahore
  • Age limit 60, as per NIC
  • Mobile price limit 70,000
  • Laptop price limit 150,000
  • Up to 18 months installment plan for laptop
  • No need for any specific credit card or bank account
  • Up to 09 months installment for mobile above 30,000 PKR

Powered by Creditper:

  • Download Creditper application from the playstore:
  • Login to the mobile app
  • Go to store list and select Bazaarghar
  • Select your desired product | select your preferred tenure | select the down payment option
  • Add your desired product to the cart
  • Fill in the form with all required details
  • Wait for our representative to give you a follow-up call
Picture of the author
Picture of the author